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Exterior excavation

For some home owners an exterior waterproofing method is the recommended solution and choice for homes with a wet basement. Drip Dry Waterproofing does that too, and we do it more effectively and efficiently than a lot of other waterproofing companies and our method is backed by a FULL LIFETIME TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY. We use a  5 - 6 step method to fix your wet basement that starts with excavating the soil around the exterior of the home. A mini excavator is commonly used and we take great care to keep yard damage to an absolute minimum.

1.We start the process of fixing the wet basement by digging the ground out all the way down to the footing, which is what the wall rests on. Our crews then powerwash, and clean the wall to remove any attached soil. We then lay perforated triple wall ADS drain tile along the footing. This drain tile can be attached to a sump pump inside the home or may be directed away from the home and drain by gravity. After all these steps have been completed, the drain tile is then covered by a thick layer of 6A washed aggregate stone. 2.After the drain tile is in place and the wall has been cleaned and dried we fill any cracks with hydraulic cement. Then we apply a mastic tar adhesive and sealant. This product seals the foundation wall and fills any small cracks and voids; it also helps to adhere the next layer of waterproofing. 3.The next layer of waterproofing is our composite membrane consisting of an SBS rubberized asphalt compound, which is integrally laminated to a blue, high-density polyethylene film. The membrane is specifically designed to be self-adhered to a prepared substrate providing a high-performance waterproofing barrier which runs from the top of the wall down over the footing.  4.After that is done we add another layer which is a dimpled polypropylene membrane that is a permanent barrier against any and all outside elements. 5. An extra step that may be taken which is up to the home owner is we can also apply a layer of foam insulation. 6. We replace approximately 60% to 70% of the removed soil with drainage stone and then cover that with topsoil. Drip Dry Waterproofing will then perform a final rough grade, if any plants or shrubs were removed we will replace them, but we do not do any landscaping or plant any grass seed. We also leave the soil next to the foundation high because over time and with rain the soil will sink. Drip Dry Waterproofing takes expert care to protect your home any yard during this waterproofing process.

interior drain tile

Drip Dry Waterproofing installs an interior drain tile system that comes with a FULL LIFETIME TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY.  The drain tile system was designed in the late 1850's and has been used and improved upon for over a 150 years.  Obviously if the drain tile system has been around and installed worldwide for over 150 years, IT WORKS!  Throughout the years the drain tile system has been modified and modernized for improvement and dependability.  With the materials that we have our dispense will never  breakdown or dissipate.

Drip Dry Waterproofing Systems provide homeowners with a variety of benefits that can increase the value of your property or home.  Moisture in a home's basement or foundation may cause problems such as the deterioration of the foundation walls, mold, mildew, damp spots and peeling paint just to name a few.  These issues can be the cause of a unhealthy living environment for you and your family.  On this page we will go over the different options you have to solve these problems.

basement waterproofing