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polyurethane injection

Another common waterproofing method we provide is Polyurethane Basement Crack Injection for poured walls. Quite often on poured concrete wall cracks can develop which leak slowly, also rod holes, and pipe entries provide access for water penetration. If this is the case in your home and your only getting water at these points you may not need an entire drain tile system. Your problem may be solved with a simple Polyurethane Concrete Crack Injection. This is a very permanent and affordable solution for many homeowners and it comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. The product Drip Dry Waterproofing uses is a dual component commercial grade polyurethane solution. This material has a 20 to 1 positive expansion ratio; therefore it continues to expand throughout the entire crack from interior to exterior, stopping the water at its origin. For a Polyurethane Basement Crack Injection we start by applying the ports that we will use to inject the crack.  After this we will seal the entire crack with a temporary surface bond to contain the soon injected Polyurethane. Once that is completed our technician begins injecting at the bottom port and continues upward until the polyurethane material can be seen above. He continues this process from the base of the crack to the top until all ports have been injected and is sure the crack has been completely filled. The surface bond and ports are then left on the wall for 12 to 24 hours until the polyurethane product has had time to completely solidify.

crack repair and injection