How the system works Generally moist, stale, polluted air tens to become trapped in the lowest part of your home.  If it isn't dealt with, it can quickly move to the upper levels of your home.  The strategically located Humidex system draws this air from the lowest level of the structure, dealing with the root of the problem.  Stagnant air is expelled outside.  At the same time, cleaner, fresher air is drawn down from the upper levels.  This process creates an exchange of air for your entire home.  The Humidex system constantly brings fresh air into your home, while using less energy than a 40W light bulb.  MORE THAN A DEHUMIDIFIER... WE'LL TAKE CARE OF YOUR HOME'S HUMIDITY, MOISTURE AND AIR QUALITY PROBLEMS!!  OUR UNITS WILL:Improve air quality Reduce window condensation Replace stagnant, damp, humid air with fresh clean air Help reduce excess humidity and eliminate musty odours Uses very little electricity, as low as 4$/month*(Based on cost of 0.15$per kWh) Does not require excessive ductwork Include a humidity control system The only solution for your damp, humid and musty basement, crawl space or apartment!! Humidex is a home humidity and ventilation appliance manufacturer.  Humidex had been developing new, innovative products since 1989.


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